"Португальская история Макао"


"In the smaller colony of Macau, under Portuguese rule, a minor incident on the 3 December 1966 turned into a similar riot just months before the 1967 HK riot, and it is known as the 12-3 incident. Inspired by the Cultural Revolution of the Mainland, the protests had a clear anti-Portuguese tone and even a statue of a Portuguese army officer was torn down. Martial law was declared, 1 person was killed, more tha 200 people were injured. Event soldiers from Portuguese African colonies stationed in Macau were involved in the clash. Although protests didn't last long, the Macau Chinese started to boycott the administration by refusing to pay taxes and eventually, the Portuguese government had to apologize for the crackdown and opted for improving the relations with the native Chinese in the colony. In the aftermath the Portuguese government signed an agreement with Beijing, which benefited the leftists in Macau, banned all Kuomintang activities in the colony and ultimately inspired the HK Communists to launch their own riot later that year".

В 1966 г. в Макао начались волнения, когда прокоммунистические китайские элементы столкнулись с полицией. Португальское правительство достигло договоренности с КНР о пресечении потока беженцев из Китая и запрещении всех коммунистических демонстраций. Этот шаг остановил конфликт и отношения между правительством и левыми организациями остались мирными.

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