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a series of anti-austerity protests that took place in the United Kingdom in early 2011. While agreeing that the country faced a financial crisis, organisations including some UK trade unions, argued that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government was pushing deep spending cuts rapidly and without proper consultations or consideration for the impact on the public. They believed that most of the government cuts were targeting workers, while big businesses, and financial businesses in particular, were going unpunished, despite their perception that the latter was the main reason for the financial crisis and the subsequent recession

The cuts that they planned proved to be the toughest in the United Kingdom since the Second World War.[6] The new administration has proposed an austerity program intended to fight the nation's debts, virtually eliminating budget deficits by 2015. The planned spending cuts include most government departments, which involves around 300,000 public service jobs ending and other civil servants receiving pay freezes

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