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She is the grand-daughter of B. Mussolini. Niece of Sophie Loren. A founder of neo-fascist party "Social initiative". A member of Italian and European parliaments.

Mussolini suddenly left National Alliance on 28 November 2003, following the visit of party leader and the Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini to Israel, where he described fascism as "the absolute evil" as he apologised for Italy's role as an Axis Power during the Second World War.[13] Mussolini however defended the right of Israel to exist and declared that the world "should beg forgiveness of Israel".[14]

Following her resignation, Mussolini formed her Social Action party, originally named "Freedom of Action", and organised a coalition named Social Alternative

In 2006 she responded to claims by the transgender Italian M.P. candidate Vladimir Luxuria that she was a 'fascist' with the line "Meglio fascista che frocio" ("It is better to be a fascist than a faggot").[30]

Mussolini declared that all Romanians were criminals in remarks regarding immigration policy. 

After the Italian general elections of April 2008, Mussolini serves as a member of the Italian parliament within Silvio Berlusconi's alliance of right wing parties, The People of Freedom.[1]

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