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Organization of revolution is first of all organization of our knowledge!

Knowledge must be systematized:

  1. As we accumulate knowledge, when we reach a certain level, without systematization, any further advance is impossible. 
  2. We observe attempts at unification of knowledge in different spheres of reality.
  3. A "classless society" presupposes people who overcome specialization of knowledge and strive to become multidimensional human beings.

How do we systematize knowledge?

  1. Previous attempts at systematization have been made according to alphabetical order. This is clearly random. 
  2. In some encyclopedias, knowledge has been systematized according to topics. But what order is there between topics?
  3. Knowledge can also be systematized according to the time of appearance of a form of knowledge. Appearance of certain forms of knowledge coincides with stages in development of society. For example, during "Renaissance" art was the dominant form of knowing things.

Systematization of knowledge holds a special pleasure in that gaps between "islands" of knowledge become clearly visible. Moreover, in such systematization one is dealing only with one's own mind, and hence, it's like playing a mind game. 

I. Systematization of knowledge according to topics:

  1. The Universe
  2. Productive forces
  3. The human society

II. Systematization of knowledge according to forms of knowledge:

  1. Sex
  2. Games
  3. Education
  4. Art
  5. Religion
  6. Philosophy
  7. Technology
  8. Science
  9. Systems theory
  10. Map of knowledge
  11. Creativity
  12. Love

III. Systematization of knowledge according to periods in development of human history:

  1. Primitive human society
  2. Ancient China
  3. Ancient Greece
  4. Ancient Rome
  5. Arabs in the Middle Ages
  6. Europe in the Middle Ages
  7. Renaissance
  8. XV century
  9. XVI century
  10. XVII century
  11. XVIII century
  12. XIX century
  13. XX century

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