Edward Snowden-2
b. 1983
  1. Düsseldorf Rosenmontag 2014 IMG 1189 (12915198553)

    Obama and Snowden, Dusseldord, 2014

    Bigraphical film: "Snowden" , by Oliver Stone, 2016
  2. Snowden comes from a middle-class family: "His maternal grandfather, Edward J. Barrett,[9][10] was a rear admiral in the United States Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, when it was struck by an airliner hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists.[11] Snowden's father, Lonnie Snowden, was also an officer in the Coast Guard,[12] and his mother, Elizabeth B. Snowden, is chief deputy at the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.[13][14][15] His older sister, Jessica, was a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington D.C. Snowden said that "in one way or another", his entire family has been employed by the federal government, and that he "expected to pursue the same path"
  3. Snowden has been conservative in his political views. This can be seen in Oliver Stone's film "Snowden", when he meets his girlfriend and they discuss politics in front of the White House. Also, in Wikipedia: "Snowden had been an active participant at the site's online forum from 2001 through May 2012, discussing a variety of topics under the pseudonym "TheTrueHOOHA".[28] In a January 2009 entry, TheTrueHOOHA exhibited strong support for the United States' security state apparatus and said he believed leakers of classified information "should be shot in the balls"
  4. Snowden's motivations for his actions appear to be the fact that he discovered that actions of the U.S. government were not democratic ("wake up and smell the coffee!"). Watch here .

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