Chinese cartoon

A Chinese cartoon depicting radical students are like cactus that should be abandoned

music could

bring about harmony by maintaining balance in the society

music was considered to have the power to transform people into becoming more civilized

In a country where political class struggle and socialist slogans were the normative political guidelines for decades, the idea of societal harmony attempts to bring about the fusion of socialism and democracy. – this represents the Chinese switch to “social-democracy”

over the years "Harmonious Society" has emerged as a euphemism for "stability at all costs,"

The government often uses "Harmonious Society" to justify the suppression of dissent and the tight control on information in China

Critics cite the increased wealth gap, higher internal security budgets, and unprecedented corruption in state-owned industries as evidence that Harmonious Society has failed in practice

Something that has been censored in this manner is often referred to as having been "harmonized."

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