• ISIL attacks a military hospital in the center of Kabul
  • Taliban take over the Helmand province . They command allegiance of the local people against the government and the foreign invaders. The Afghani army is scornful of the local people, uses drugs. The local people - villagers - support the Taliban. 
  • An analysis of situation in Afghanistan , from Russian nationalist perspective. Seems that Taliban will become a legitimate political force in Afghanistan.Increasing losses of the Afghani army and police. The
    state (Kabul) now controls only 57% of the provinces. The rest are controlled by Taliban and IS.



  • "Many Afghans have accused former President Hamid Karzai of facilitating the emergence of an economic system based on mafia structure and patronage... millions of US taxpayer dollars have paid for fake schools and ghost teachers in Afghanistan"
  • Taliban attack parliament with a bomb and an ambush for deputies. 
  • 2015: A movie about drug problem in Afghanistan. Since U.S. invasion in 2001, drug production has increased by 35X Government officials are involved. 
  • Over 90% of women in Afghanistan are abused and oppressed. A movie .


  • 2 Nov. 2014 – Afghanistan is still ruled by bickering warlords, with their own private militias, overseen by the U.S.

  • 1/10/14 – investigation into theft of $1 billion in 2010 by a new Pres. Corruption, theft is rampant.

  • 22/9/14 - The "unity government" paves the way for a Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) governing the presence of American troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014, which outgoing president Hamid Karzai had refused to sign.

21/9/14 – national unity government formed. (Afghanistan) “A president who has built an international reputation as an incorruptible technocrat is tarnished by the fact that most of the fraud in the election was discovered to be in his votes.” One major issue that divided both camps was over appointments. Abdullah Abdullah won the fight to be able to appoint senior positions on terms of "parity" with Ashraf Ghani, and "the two teams will be equally represented at the leadership level". “The agreement calls for a spirit of partnership. But after a bitter election campaign and months of wrangling, the stability of this government cannot be guaranteed”. “One of the new president's first tasks is widely expected to be signing a bilateral security agreement with the US. The deal will allow a small force of soldiers to remain beyond 2014 to train Afghan security forces. President Karzai refused to sign the security agreement, which is linked to the continuation of aid needed to pay Afghan civil servants, teachers and soldiers. Mr Ghani and Mr Abdullah have both promised to sign it.” That’s why new President in Afghanistan. Even worse than Karzai!

19/9/14 – скончалась Анаита Ратибзад – афганская марксистка


  • Movie "The Kill Team" - American soldiers killing Afghani civilians "for sports", and for making a report to their superiors.



  • 11 Sept., 2011 – Taliban dominates rural Afghanistan, more than 1000 “security incidents” per month. Taliban, in Pashtu = “student”. A religious and political movement opposed to imperialism, similar to Iran’s revolution led by Ayatolloah Khomeini.


  • Embezzlement of around 1 billion dollars at "Kabul Bank". Who can doubt that Karzai and his company were involved?
  • Movie "Restrepo" is about an American military outpost in Afghanistan. Full of lies. 1) There is a civil war inside every platoon, on the background of the actual war going on, 2) The U.S. didn't learn its lessons in Vietnam, so they are repeating it in Afghanistan.


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