1. FARC-guns

    FARC weapons to be handed over to the U.N. in May 2017. Notice: the Colombian army and right-wing paramilitaries do not hand over weapons!

    March 2017 - demobilizing FARC means handling weapons over to the U.N., means breaking up organization of FARC. That is the biggest mistake they have made!
  2. 2016 - Pres. of Colombia was awarded Nobel Peace Prize
  3. Santos Calderon Juam M

    Pres. Santos

    July 2014 - a
     good recap of the conflict between FARC and the Colombian state, with 2 videos, is here, from Al-Jazeera.
  4. 28/5/14 - FARC turns 50. A short video. FARC is mostly poor peasants fighting the landlords, on a wrong program, outdated today with the crisis of Stalinism.

  5. 26/5/14 - в Коломбии 60% граждан не голосуют - не за кого. Также как и на Украине. Все кандидаты - бандиты. В этих условиях, лучше всего бойкот. 1 процент населения - помещики, владеют более чем 50% земли.

  6. May 2014 – Colombian FARC turns 50; after negotiations in Havana, an army general is released.

  7. March 2014 - Colombian gangs battle for control of territory in a poor neighborhood. 

  8. 20.7.13 – new clashes between FARC and the government of Colombia
  9.  2013 - Tanya Nijmeijer interview to BBC ,
  10. 3 December, 2012 – while holding “peace talks”, the government attacks FARC
  11. 30 November, 2012 – talks are between FARC and the Colombian government about ending the civil war. Looks like the FARC has gone back on class struggle: Ivan Marquez, leading FARC negotiator, spoke of efforts to lay down arms to support peace: "We were not frightened by the issue of giving up our weapons because we believe that if we get rid of the causes that generate conflict, there would be no reason, no justification for the use of arms."
  12. Tanja

    Tanja Nijmeijer, a Dutch woman fighting for FARC

    A civil war between FARC and the government, backed by the U.S.A video interview with a Dutch woman fighting for FARC .

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