1. April 13 - opposite the "Charging Bull" - a symbol of Wall Street - there is now "A Fearless Girl" statue . This is a sign of the times, opposition to capitalism. 
  2. March 2017 - fight erupts between pro Trump supporters and those against him, at Berkley
  3. 2017 - U.S. appears as growing more radical, going leftward


  1. Trump
    U.S. teacher believes that the U.S. is in for a civil war
  2. 2016 - workers fall for rhetoric of D. Trump about returning jobs to USA and vote for him as President. Says a lot about the modern working class.
  3. 2016 - Crowds protest again as police kill an unarmed black man
  4. Another protest over shooting of a black man in USA


  1. 2014 - a man is arrested for threatening to kill cops, as a revenge for the cops killing the black teens. Google and YouTube cooperate in providing such info to the U.S. government.
  2. "A House of Cards", a serial on the U.S. political system
  3. What appears as “black” protests in USA – unarmed blacks killed by the police – are really social protests


  1. Students in the U.S. fight against segregation


  1. 2011 - "Occupy Wall Street ", in response to: 1) worsening economic situation, 2) impetus given by the "Arab spring".


  1. 2010 - militia planned to take over 2 counties
  2. 2010 - an engineer commits suicide by flying into tax collections' office
  3. Decade of 2000's - the Tea Party movement

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