Suez nationalization.ogv

Nasser announcing nationalization of Suez canal from "private interests".

The situation in Egypt appears as following: since struggle for independence from the British monarchy, the leading role in Egypt was assumed by the left, liberal, patriotic bourgeoisie, that has sometimes clad itself in socialist colors (Nasser). However, since 1950’s, this regime has gradually been declining, becoming more and more corrupt. Young people have been sidelined, having little or no opportunity.
Free Officers, 1953

"Free officers", afte the coup of 1953. Nasser is sitting in the center

The regime, headed by the descendants of the “free officers” (the liberal faction of Egyptian bourgeoisie), has been repressive and humiliating to people in general and young educated people specifically. Opposition groups arose, some of them being “the April 6th movement”, which is young people supporting workers of Egypt, and “Revolutionary Socialists”, a Trotskyist, social-democratic type of organization.

The conservative faction of the bourgeoisie has been organized by the “Muslim Brotherhood”, since 1930’s, first in struggle together with the liberal faction of the bourgeoisie, against the British imperial regime, and later suppressed by the “free officers”. 

As the regime has been becoming more and more intolerable to the people, the conservative faction of the bourgeoisie, relying in part on the uneducated, religious elements of the Egyptian working class, has been gaining ground. They provided medical and educational services to the people in the slums. And when the “Arab spring” came in 2011, the Mubarak regime has been partially shaken by a coup d’etat, conducted by the army against the top, in order to save the regime from the rebelling masses. “Muslim Brotherhood” has taken power in the first


Leader of Muslim Brotherhood M. Mursi inside a cage, after 2013 coup

“free” elections conducted in that country (2012). And it immediately began to show its incompetence in ruling the country, and moreover, its repressive, undemocratic nature. 

Since the elections in 2012, opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood has taken the form of a “Tamarod” (rebel) coalition, headed by the liberal bourgeoisie, and joined by “socialist” “Revolutionary Socialist” party, and other left wing

El Baradai

El Baradai

groups. El-Baradai is the leader of the coalition, and let’s not forget that El-Baradai was the head of the U.N. committee that was “inspecting” Iraq prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion of the country. So, the liberal Egyptian bourgeoisie now is nothing but a tool in the hands of the U.S. imperialism.

The army – descendants of the “free officers” - has overthrown the Mursi regime of Muslim Brotherhod in July 2013, in order to supposedly transfer the power to the El-Baradai coalition. They seek popular support, but the people remember these thugs from 2011 and previous years. 

So, now the country is facing its crisis in not having a party that truly represents the interests of the people and


A flag of "Revolutionary socialists" of Egypt

the youth. The “socialist” parties, like the “Revolutionary Socialists” have been a part of the broad anti-regime coalition, first with Muslim Brotherhood against the Mubarak regime, later with the army (at least implicitly) against the Mursi regime. Now they say they are "Against the MBs, Against the folool (remnants of the Mubarak regime), Against SCAF (Supreme Command of the Armed Forces)", but their credentials as a socialist, revolutionary party have been undermined by their previous cooperation with the national bourgeoisie. 

Moreover, we need to realize that the situation is not unique to Egypt. For example, a similar situation exists in Tunisia, where the people have tried to overthrow the corrupt regime of Ben Ali (allied to France), and now are in struggle against the conservative, Islamist Ennahda movement. This movement has already killed a number of socialist deputies in the parliament, and we suppose that on a more local level there has been violence and repression of socialists even to a greater extent. 

The crisis of not having a socialist party is truly of global proportions. Why we, the people, have not been able to form such a party, and do unto them like they do unto us?

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