France riots 01a

Riots on France, 2010

 in France, in October 2010, we have seen powerful demonstrations and occupations in protest against the reform of the pension system, i.e. increasing the pension age. See photos here:,29307,2026409,00.html

in England, in November 2010, students rioted against an increase in tuition, see video and photo here:

in Germany, left-wing and anti-nuclear protests (read here in Russian: ). The number of “political crimes” is on the rise in Germany. For example, on 14 November, 2011, BBC reported of a Nazi underground cell arrested which killed 10 Turkish immigrants ( ).

  in Italy, in December 2010,  when there was a vote in Parliament about vote of confidence in the Italian prime-minister Berlusconi. See photos here: In November 2011, Berlusconi had to leave the post of prime-minister.

in USA: right-wing protest as "Tea party movement " and the "militia movement ". An engineer commits suicide by flying his airplane into the building of the tax collection agency.  Black teenagers organize violent flash mobs . A military doctor refuses orders to go to Afghanistan. 

Global: rise of Wikileaks . Trial of Bradley Manning who contributed to Wikileaks. Anti-G-20 protests nti-G-20 protests , in Canada. 





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