The war between the Irish and the English is essentially a national-liberation struggle. The elements within the Irish society who don’t want to take it up to the socialist level are slowing down the struggle.

This has started during the English civil war of XVII century: Ireland was conquered by Cromwell, as a part of the war against “Catholics”, meaning first of all the king, Charles I.

The second Irish rebellion is from the times of the French revolutionary wars, 1798. Again, suppressed.

The third revolutionary wave is during WWI: first, the Easter rising, 1916, then after the war rebellion, 1920-21.

The last wave has been during the early 1970’s, with the Bloody Sunday serving as the stimulant. 

We can suppose that a new world revolutionary wave will re-open the struggle in Ireland for independence from Britain, which, to succeed, must pass on to socialist stage, i.e. posit world-wide socialist goals.

Irish war of Independence started 1919. Led to an Irish Civil war, ending in 1923, but really never ending.

The demand for Home Rule was eventually granted by the British Government in 1912, immediately prompting a prolonged crisis within the United Kingdom as Ulster Unionists formed an armed organisation – the Ulster Volunteers – to resist this measure of devolution, at least in territory they could control. In turn, Nationalists formed their own paramilitary organisation, the Irish Volunteers.

To Irish Republicans, the Irish War of Independence had begun with the Proclamation of the Irish Republic during the Easter Rising of 1916.

The British government also collected material on the liaison between Sinn Féin and Soviet Russia, in an unsuccessful attempt to portray Sinn Féin as a crypto-communist movement

·         Easter rising, 1916

·         Irish War of Independence, 1919-1921

Irish Civil War, 1922-23

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