Silvio Berlusconi (CS 4)

Berlusconie at People of Freedom rally

This party developed out of post-fascist Italian parties. It is currently the ruling party in Italy, led by S. Berlusconi.

The Italian Social Movement (MSI), and later the Italian Social Movement–National Right (ItalianMovimento Sociale Italiano–Destra Nazionale, MSI–DN), was a neo-fascist and post-fascist political party in Italy. Formed in 1946 by supporters of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and especially of the experience of the Italian Social Republic, the party became the fourth largest party in Italy by the early 1960s

 The party was eventually transformed into National Alliance (AN) in 1995

managed to merge the party (National Alliance) into The People of Freedom (PdL). This finally happened in 2009.

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