1. Africa: a civil war in SomaliaOn 12 July, 2010, a Somali group Al-Shabab has bombed a middle-class restaurant in Uganda. African Union increases its troops to Somalia from 5 thousand to 20 thousand. The Somali civil war can spread to other African countries. 
  2. Ivory Coastviolence after disputed elections.
  3. Nigeria – a rebellion .
  4. Asia: Iraq – a civil war, rebels attack the Iraqi police and the American army. The rise of ISIL.
  5. Afghanistan – civil war spreads to Pakistan
  6. Naxals 12

    Training exercises include target practice with live ammunition at the Counter-Terrorism & Jungle Warfare College, India

    India – Maoist rebels, “Naxals”,control 1/3 of the territory .
  7. Thailand – the “Red Shirts” occupy Bangkok.
  8. Latin America. Colombia – a civil war between FARC and the government, backed by the U.S.A young Dutch woman is helping FARC.  
  9. Chile – a violent anti-American demonstration.
  10. Александр Савко Путешествия Микки Мауса по истории искусства

    "The travels of Micky Mouse through the history of art"

    Former "socialist" countries
    : Russia. Explosions in the Moscow metro. Rise of right-wing terrorism, e.g. special forces kill Said Buryatsky . Rise and fall of Primorsky partisans , protesting militia brutalities. Parents of children without kindergarten go on hunger strike . People protest explosions in the mines. Youth attack on the city hall of Khimki . Forbidden art and the trial of Erofeev and Samodurov. You Tube videos against corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This was started byAleksey Dimovskoi . An invalid killed bureaucrats before committing suicide.
  11. Ukraine: student protests against paid education. 
  12. In Kyrgyzia – a mass rebellion against President and his clan. 
  13. China – violence against medical staff in protest against their treatment of patients. Exposition of corrupt officials on the Internet. Workers conduct wildcat strikes. Teenagers engage in alternative lifestyles. An appearance of “New Left”. 

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